"Eveline points her camera at those things that don’t draw attention. Her work honours the non-spectacle and has no real subject. She uncovers the beauty that surfaces unexpectedly in the residual space as precious finds. In doing so, she explores the boundaries of the photographic technique and transforms the seemingly insignificant into an image that lingers, unpretentiously and simple. She imagines reality as a graphic dream, triggers memories and looks for the tension between emotion and wonder."

Anja Hellebaut, co-founder of mentormentor.


'TRAJECT 01', group show curated by mentormentor at Blanco, Ghent, February 2017.

'#DRAWattention 2', group show curated by Simon Hugé at KERK, Ghent, October 2016.

'Cityshapes', group show curated by Jimmy Kets at Museum M, Leuven, February 2016.

'#DRAWattention', group show curated by Simon Hugé at STAMcafé, Ghent, February 2016.

'In The Picture', solo show at Consouling Store, Ghent, October 2015.

'A precious few.', solo show at Gouvernement, Ghent, September 2014.

'Picture Not Found', graduation group show curated by St-Lucas Academy at Entrepot Fictief, Ghent, May 2014.

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